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Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.
Address:No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116
General manager:Luwenguang 13906123780
Deputy general sales:Chayongqiang 13775013377
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Yutong service

Yutong Drying focus on pre and after-sales service customers, to provide users with a satisfactory solution, high-quality products and perfect after-sale, Yutong drying commitment to win each and every customer satisfaction. 
Design Optimization : we patiently communicate with users to understand the actual needs of users, to provide users with the best design ... 
accessories for many years guarantee : We guarantee to provide users with at least 10 years of service parts to avoid because the device components caused by aging equipment idle ... 
equipment upgrades : we fully take into account the needs of users of the new capacity, energy and other companies in the development process, we offer new rehabilitation programs for you to save your money ... 
operator training services : when the device is delivered, we offer your employees a comprehensive equipment use, maintenance, easy maintenance and training services, and provide written documentation to avoid employee turnover caused by equipment downtime ... 
incoming testing services : we have a comprehensive materials testing center, Welcome to the new and old customers to provide a variety of materials on-site sample.
Yutong drying service process: 
1. pre-sale: 
build customer profiles, to get in touch with customers, introduce technology and equipment factory situation, understanding of customer needs, recommend the appropriate equipment, the implementation of the sample with the relevant technical preparations, improvement of technical parameters. 
2. Sales:
provide user-related drawings, technical data, equipment installation and construction coordination of the user, the user is informed of production speed, production quality. Progress of the project to ensure that users and equipment manufacturers were synchronized. Handling emergencies, maintain good communication with the user. 
3, after-sales:
① The installation guide sent to the user, is responsible for commissioning until delivery. 
② relevant personnel responsible for operation of the user, maintenance skills training. 
③ long-term to provide spare parts at competitive prices. 
④ equipment shelf life of one year, equipment damage after acceptance of the year due to the quality of the equipment itself caused, responsible for free repair, as a result of operational failure caused by improper charging a handling fee, and impose a 48-hour service, that is the first message received from users users must be answered within 24-hour problem, as this is not possible, then within the next 24 hours arrived at the scene to solve user problems. 
4, a flowchart of the basic service

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Jiangsu Yutong Drying Engineering Co. Ltd.
General manager:Luwenguang 13906123780
Deputy general sales:13906123780
Tel:0519-88908088  0519-88908088
Foreign trade department: 0519-88901088 67892070
Address:No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116
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Address: No.68 Shunhe Road, Jiaoxi, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu,China 213116    General manager:Luwenguang  13906123780    Deputy general sales:Luwenguang  13906123780
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